We never break girl code (!) and the ultimate girl code is supporting women around the world. With every purchase, we'll be donating 2% of the proceeds to women-backed charities within the US and around the world.

Reveal Beauty provides uplifting experiences to support female survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking.


The goals of Reveal’s programs are to create frequent touch points and experiences that promote love, hope and self-empowerment. Reveal Beauty is about creating community that reminds women that we are all made beautifully, to be celebrated and loved with no strings attached. It is our desire and passion to be apart of a woman’s healing process and reinforce her worth, her beauty, and her dignity. Through our events and workshop experiences, survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking have the opportunity to believe that hope is possible – and each of us have pivotal role in being a story of hope.


Makeover experiences

Along with our monthly workshops, we also host an annual Ultimate Makeover event to honor women and celebrate dignity and beauty through a day full of styling, pampering, and celebration. As we continue to grow, our vision is to continue developing strategic partnerships with established women’s domestic violence shelters and human trafficking organizations nationwide and internationally, in key cities where sex trafficking, domestic violence, and fashion and beauty industries intersect.



Through our programs including monthly workshops, women are taught the skills and tools necessary to re-enter society, such as self-care focused on fashion, beauty, and health along with professional development where we empower women in areas of career counseling, interviewing skills, resume writing and helping survivors become financially independent.