It's all about the gloves

Every season, if not every month, we're always trying to find something new to bring to the table when it comes to wedding fashion. Why? Well, why not? Designers are emerging every day with something fresh to bring to the table yet the best ideas are always recycled. 
One item that has emerged from past are gloves and I am here for it! We're seeing gloves in classic shows such as Bridgerton of course, but did you see Lisa Hochstein at the Real Housewives of Miami reunion? Not only did she look gorgeous but the gloves with the jewelry was so well styled, I had to bring it into the mix for the store!
I'm so excited to be featuring Cornelia James, a three-generation family run business based out of East Sussex, England. They have been the best of the best since 1946 and by Royal Appointment since 1978. All of their gloves are hand-made and each seamstress will make each glove from start to finish. It is so rare to find family businesses that are still making their own pieces, which makes this all the more special for your big day.
I decided to pick up various styles in both ivory and black with a select few in fashion colors. Nothing says chic like a gorgeous well-tailored wedding gown with a pair of gloves to compliment it. Whichever the length, go for what suits you best. For the brides who are looking for that avant-garde look, consider an opera-length black leather glove and to kick it up a notch - how about your bridesmaid wear a lace gauntlet? Feathers are also making a huge appearance these days, so why not add a glove with some ostrich feathers?
I can go on and on but I think you can get the point ;)