An Idea Turned Into Reality

Welcome to my new blog! My new everything, actually!

For those who don't know me, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jackie and I've been in bridal since I was around 14 years old (I was born in 1985... you can do the math). My mom worked as an eveningwear buyer and sales consultant at a store in Great Neck, NY which had closed down many many years ago. When I was in high school, she made me come to the store on the weekends to help her and the other women shlep the wedding dresses in and out of the rooms. Nobody knew how young I was because of course, I was paid under the table back then but they assumed I was perhaps in college because I had to act and dress like it.

At some point, they allowed me to work with bridesmaids (something the older women were not interested in doing) but I loved it because this was a time when bridal parties of 10+ came to the store with tear outs from magazines as Pinterest and Instagram didn't exist. This allowed me to create their own vision while guiding brides to non-disastrous dresses and choosing the right dress for the right bridesmaid. Nobody would look unflattering if I had anything to do with it!

Anyway, as time went on I was allowed to work with brides and I was hooked! My years in high school was spent working with brides and when I went off to college I continued on because I was addicted. As a sidenote, I thought I was going to end up in law school and eventually become a Judge (childhood dream) but I was so attached to this niche in the fashion world, I couldn't shake it. 

A college degree in Politics & Government and here I am: a Bridal RTW online store owner. Through my 20s and my 30s I was lucky enough to work with the best of the best and with each experience, I kept learning more and more which has made me become the well rounded expert I am today. I'm proud to say it because I've worked hard to get to where I am. I've been a bridal consultant for the best stores, worked on the designer side in wholesale, traveled across the country to multiple stores, styled and consulted a multitude of brides, you name it and I've done it. 

During Covid my world stopped and I had to pivot for 2 years which made it harder to pick up where I left off as an independent bridal stylist, but I had the honor to be the Director of Retail for Mark Ingram during the hardest time (through and post pandemic). This time taught me more than ever before and opened my eyes to what was ahead of me.

When I decided to step down from my role, and dive back into styling, I received so many inquiries from brides regarding everything outside of the wedding dress. There was nowhere to shop where they felt good or where the right edit would exist. And that my friends, is how Silk Thread was born.

There isn't a one place where you can walk in or browse online where you feel like you're still shopping for your wedding, and not just another white outfit. How awesome to be able to continue your shopping journey after you've purchased the dress? I've curated a collection in which you will always feel like a bride before, during, after the wedding. A Bridal Ready-To-Wear destination store, if you will. My goal is to keep you feeling like your modern self with pieces you can wear again, but always remembering that they were purchased for a really special time in your life. 

Please continue to follow along this amazing journey. I plan on doing in-store events in major cities and hopefully find a permanent home here in NYC. 

Thanks in advance for your support <3